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About LM Santana

I am an introverted writer from NYC, I love getting lost in the pages of a good story whether it is writing it or reading it. I have a weakness for Fanfiction mainly because I love not being limited when I read. I'm just starting my writing journey after years of creating stories for my eyes only aka playing pretend in my room.

My love for writing came from a childhood in the Dominican Republic where resources were scarce and money was tight, which forced me to find or create my own free form of entertainment and this usually meant playing pretend with whatever I could find, dirty, rocks, mom's clothes or pots and pans, nothing was off limit although my mom often wished it was.

As an introverted that did not know what she was, my friends were exotic characters that I created and my live was as bright and vibrant as I wanted it to be. Then moving to the U.S.A open new horizons but my struggle with the English language made writing seem like an impossible dream, an indulgence I could only afford in the safety of my room.

But with some confidence, years lived, and a new-found bravery, I was able to write and now release my debut novel that will hopefully just be the first of many. Take this journey with me, lets playing pretend together.

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