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The Heroes' Descent

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Follow three heroes on their journey to restore balance to an extremely divided world.

Albert Blackwood is the human king of Anglia, and as he is thrust upon the throne, he slowly begins to uncover corruption so deep it seems to be ingrained into the kingdom. With betrayal in every corner, Albert has to try and live up to the legacy of Blackwood kings before him while also finding a way to root out the traitors without losing himself to the bloodlust that calls to him like a siren.

While he struggles with control, in Silenia, fairy siblings are faced with a similar dilemma. Eleonora, a spy and Luca, a soldier are chosen as heirs to two powerful kingdoms and saddled with a lot more than they bargained for. As the original creatures of light they’re determined to stay righteous, but all that goes up in flames one night. Now the siblings find themselves alone and on the run from those that betrayed them, questioning everything they knew and were taught.

Can they all continue on the path of good and ignore the thirst for revenge or will they fall and forget their purpose, letting Iuvenis crumble?

The Heroes' Descent: Latest Work
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