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The Rise of the Swan

Clawing her way to the top was easy,  to stay there she would have to use all her powers, even the illegal ones.

In the 1900s being a women was hard, being a strong and ambitious one was even harder. Even at a young age Geraldine Salazar knew this better than anyone as she was dealt various harsh hands by fate. Not only was she born a woman in a time when women were nothing more than what men made them but she was also cursed with an abusive and alcoholic father that seem to hate her above all.

To make it all worse she manifested as an Elemental in a time when their existence and freedom began to hang by a thread as the events of the war fueled fear for Elementals within people. Despite this she refused to let it stop her from taking back control of her life and freedom by joining the field that was until now ruled only by men...the underworld.

Hear as Geraldine tells her story, the events and people that transformed her from a bright curious little girl into the ruthless and fearsome mob boss, known as Mama Swan.

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